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Welcome to Be Well

We know how important it is for you to receive the best possible care, and that’s why we at Be Well focus on delivering a personal experience to each and every patient. Our team works hard to provide a personalized and professional service that meets the needs of each patient. We value our patients’ time and ensure every interaction is efficient and constructive. You will feel heard and understood every time you visit. We take pride in the quality of our services and commitment to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Pilates Instructor

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Introducing Be-Well 12-Week Wellness Kickstart - the ultimate Lifestyle Medicine Health Program for transforming into a healthier, happier you. Prioritize your well-being and make lasting changes to your health with the Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. Achieve your health goals and take control of your well-being with Be-Well!

Meet The Be Well Doc 

Family & Lifestyle Physician | Wellness Coach

Dr. Aminah Jones, better known as, The Be Well Doc, is an American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM) physician, as well as a Wellness Coach. She received her medical degree at George Washington University School of Medicine before completing residency at Georgetown University.

It was her love of women's health and community medicine that inspired her to practice family medicine. While practicing family medicine, it was the indescribable satisfaction to partner with her patients to reach life changing goals that served as motivation to start Be Well.


Dr. Aminah practices medicine in the District of Columbia. When she isn't providing women's and primary healthcare to her patients she enjoys spending time with, and making memories with her family.  


In addition to being a wife, mother, and doctor, Aminah also loves to mentor and teach upcoming medical professionals on the practice of medicine. 

Dr. Jones is a member of the American Academy of Family Practitioners (AAFM), and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). 


Dr. Aminah Jones

Be Well Specializes In...

Metabolic Syndrome






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When you choose to entrust us with your wellness goals you are investing in not only a coach, but a partner. We pride ourselves on building satisfying patient relationships that lead to successful outcomes.

Let us champion your journey towards the healthier lifestyle you've been waiting for.

Available Services & Expectations

  • Efficient Office Visits

  • Telemedicine Visits Available

  • Online Patient Accessibility

  • Lab Capabilities

  • Acute and Chronic Care

  • Minor In-Office Procedures

  • Women's Healthcare

  • Individual and Group Coaching Services

  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Adult Annual Wellness Check-Ups and vaccines

Dr Jones has the gift of connecting with her patients in a way that makes change. She will walk with you on your journey and provides steps on getting you to your health goal. She helps so many of her patients get unstuck. Her passion is helping others reach their health goals for life. 

- Amber Robins, MD MBA DipABLM

Are YOU Ready to Be Well?

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