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Be Well is a telemedicine practice founded by Dr. Aminah Jones. At Be Well, we believe that a patient is more than just the information in their chart. 


When you choose to entrust us with your wellness goals you are investing in not only a coach, but a partner. We pride ourselves on building satisfying patient relationships that lead to successful outcomes.

Let us champion your journey towards the healthier lifestyle you've been waiting for.    

Meet Dr. Aminah Jones, MD, MPH, DipABLM

Dr. Aminah Jones, better known as, The Be Well Doc, is a board certified Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, and Wellness Coach. She received her medical degree at George Washington University School of Medicine before completing residency at Georgetown university. 


Be Well Specializes In...

Metabolic Syndrome






Health is a state of Body.

Wellness is a state of Being.

Dr Jones has the gift of connecting with her patients in a way that makes change. She will walk with you on your journey and provides steps on getting you to your health goal. She helps so many of her patients get unstuck. Her passion is helping others reach their health goals for life. 

- Amber Robins, MD MBA DipABLM

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